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Tom Beckman


Tom writes lyrics and puts guitar music to them. He also plays instrumental music. His instrument is a nylon string folk guitar made in Spain played in finger-picking style. He plays for all audiences at festivals, schools, dives, parks, and other events. His songs are about anything: places, events, and people. Always working on a new song. It really is true about those "starving artists." The truth is, unless you are "big time," it is difficult to make a living as a musician and crafter of songs. Check out the calendar for upcoming gigs. Sometimes he performs with Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/pedal steeliest/harmonicist Pat Petrarca.

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Sittin' By The Sea

The Ligonier Song(Your Town)

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Tom Beckman: Not By War But By Humility

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Tom Beckman: Not By War But By Humility